Too good to be true…or simply a blessed gift of sorts?


Sooooo after all my dating endeavors and life upheavals since the beginning of this little project, it all comes down to the tried and true.  I met a wonderful man with absolutely zero assistance of any  dating sites.

To be totally honest, I really couldn’t blame the dating sites themselves, as I didn’t devote much time or effort into that aspect.  On an effort scale of 1-10 (10 being a great deal of effort), I’d give myself a solid 4 and even that rating would need to fluctuate between a 0 and 4, with 4 being the most effort I put into it at all.

However, I have come to this conclusion (fair or otherwise) in regard to online dating sites: the majority of men I met fell into one of four categories.  1: desperately seeking casual or kinky sex.  2: desperately seeking period (needy clingers).  3:  Just plain odd, weird, or borderline scary. And 4: any combination of the previous three.

Perhaps if I’d put in more effort or taken the experience more seriously, I’d have had better results, but really the whole thing was more of a way to meet people and experience the concept of just randomly dating in itself (which I’ve not done much of in my life prior).

I’d definitely do it all over again, though.  I had so many laughs and learning experiences that it was well worth it – disappointments and all. Hmmmm…well, after reflecting on that for a moment here, I believe most of the truly fun  part of the whole experience was in blogging and discussing it with the terrific people I came to know via this blog; without being able to laugh and share with you all, I really think it would have been mostly just weird and disappointing.  It’s you people here who made it an absolute blast…and nothing that creates that much laughter and/or compassionate support through life’s knocks outside of dating, could ever be regretted!

And so I move on to the amazing guy I met…  After going months without even looking at or checking on my dating sites and not even thinking about dating, true to the timelessly tried and true old adage, when you stop looking, it finds you.  And R certainly found me!  At around noon on a random Saturday, horribly hung-over, wearing not a stitch of makeup and carelessly thrown on clothes to go to retrieve my debit card from the site of the criminal partying and reconnecting with some dear, dear friends the evening before, I order a bloody mary to assist with my recovery attempt.  I sat on the patio, sipping my drink with a friend and making casual conversation with a group of people doing the very same and reminiscing about the fun shenanigans the prior evening.

Not able to finish my healing concoction, I returned inside to tab out at last.  Being only noon-ish, there were only 3 people sitting inside the pub.  Two were old regulars and one was a very handsome face I’d not seen before, looking fresh and outdoorsy from an early walk on the beach just down the street and not at all like he was nursing a painful hang-over! I was feeling embarrassed for this handsome guy to hear me tabbing out from the evening before, so I made a casual joking remark to him about doing the “debit card walk of shame” since he was looking at me and was within ear shot of my conversation with the bartender.  Naturally having no thought whatsoever that in my haphazard appearance would he ever find me remotely attractive nor think much of me at all except maybe that I might in fact be a party girl/alcoholic type. Yet somehow my boldness (sheerly from my embarrassment) led to a little chat, which led to an exchange of numbers and then a date for later that night.

Guy was in town from Atlanta, GA visiting his family for the weekend and had gone earlier to enjoy the beach he missed so much, and deciding to stop by this little lakeside pub for a beer on his way home.  His gentle, yet masculine, voice and soft southern accent very distinctly reminded me of my dad who passed away suddenly in March.  This surprising element (being in Michigan) put me at total ease.  His handsome looks and southern gentleman charm of course added interest and intrigue to the whole exchange.

We went that evening on one of the best dates I’ve ever had in my entire life (no kidding!!).  We talked and laughed so much the time flew by.  It felt as though he was an old friend or boyfriend from years earlier and we had all these years to catch up on life’s happenings and only one evening in which to do so since he was returning to Atlanta the next afternoon.

When he finally dropped me off back at home, I had a long, detailed conversation about my night with my roommate.  We both decided he was definitely too good to be true and had to be either married or hiding some kind of criminal past.  Guys like this just don’t exist anymore!

In addition, with the extreme unlikelihood of our ever crossing paths and the so random and atypical circumstances of our chance meeting, there was this undeniably strong and uncanny feeling that somehow my dad had sent him to me.  This guy not only does the exact same type of work as my dad had done and got his training for said work in the military just as my dad had, but his every characteristic was precisely the type of man my dad always hoped I would meet, as well as encompassed the qualities of my dad which I respect and admire with all my heart (even the whole southern gentleman thing, which is my dad to a “T”).  To add to this coincidence, it turned out that his mother who had passed away a few years earlier, actually worked at my place of employment all her life, doing the exact same job as I!  It all seemed way too coincidental to really be random at all.

I was smitten (albeit nervous because of the whole too good to be true aspect) and fortunately enough, he was equally as smitten with me.

We’ve been doing the long distance thing which is not so easy.  However, he works for a major airline and flies free, so we have nearly every weekend together, so it could be far more difficult otherwise.  After a great deal of tragic family events, I’ve taken a temporary leave of absence from my job and come to stay with him in Atlanta to get away from all the stress and pain which lingers heavily in Michigan; to find healing and hopefully a sense of peace again in a place which feels safe and healthy.

Of course, we’re still getting to know each other more with every passing day and he’s certainly not perfect (thankfully, as I’m certainly not either…hahah), but he’s definitely handsome and kind; charming and manly; intelligent, interesting, funny, and has excellent standards, morals and ethics.

We are taking a cruise through the Virgin Islands at the end of this month.  I’m so excited!  Only time will tell what will happen next and meanwhile, I’m slowly but surely falling head over heels in love!

11 responses to “Too good to be true…or simply a blessed gift of sorts?

  1. See, THIS is what I hate about dating blogs: As soon as blogger meets someone, blogging stops. Then, we’re left to wonder what the hell happened to said blogger.


    Congratulations, anyway. 😉

    • My dear Dennis…oh you are mistaken!! I LOVE to write and will always need to write my babbles somewhere! The primary reason I’ve been MIA for so long is a truly tragic and traumatic series of events which bombarded me to the extent that breathing itself became a hard-to-remember-to-do kinda chore (ugh!) and i felt I’d whined and bitched here plenty already after the return from Vegas and our subsequent nasty ex-drama. I didn’t want to turn this light-hearted blog into a tragedy/crybaby-blog!
      Now, I’ll just re-direct the theme of this blog into a “watch the train wreck that is Kay Dee in relationships” and pray you far more healthy people here will either help keep my head/heart clear OR help me to laugh at my inevitably ridiculous relationship blunders…
      You haven’t seen the last of me, pal….

      • Ha. Can’t wait to read all about it then…. :-p

        But seriously, it’s your blog. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t use your blog as an emotional release, ya know? Either way, I do hope that all the trauma is behind you now.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dad and the other tough family times, but congratulations on the lovely new relationship – it’s always nice to hear about these things happening for people, and I hope it keeps building from here!

    P.S. Dennis – I have no idea what you could possibly mean 😉

    • Thanks Matt!! Now that I have some time on my hands, I’ve gotta make the rounds on here and see what’s goin on with all of you awesome people:)
      …and make my comments and share my thoughts of course!
      I keep trying to make a comment on your blog, but I’m doing it wrong I guess?! It keeps telling me my URL contains “illegal characters” (Oh so scandalous am I!!) and then erasing my comment entirely..ughh…It seems I’m too rusty to recall these things…
      I’m so excited for you!! I’d think “two crazy cats” would be nothing but SUPER DUPER fun stuff after the craziness you’ve endured:)

      • Thank you – and you’re right that living with cats is much easier than many of my 2010 experiences! I don’t know why my blog is rejecting your comments – I try not to have any hoops to jump through for commenters, so I don’t know what’s going on there I’m afraid.

    • Wait. Matt, you blog? :-p

      • Well, very occasionally, but not really. And the downside to dating another blogger is that I helped to destroy her blog in the process – it was one of my favourites! So yes, I actually know completely what you mean.

  3. KayDee, we certainly miss you on here. But so happy that you are experiencing something really good in your life now. You deserve it. Lots of love to you! xoxo

    P.S. of course I had to FB stalk you and check out pics of him…Nice 🙂 Wish you both the best!

    • Lovely Ms. Amy, thank you so much for your kind words…you always warm my heart and bring a smile to my face!
      Hahahah @ FB stalk us…how’d you like the 70’s porn star ‘stache?!!! (SO not my fave…and one of the very *reasons* I’d never have given him a chance in hell if I’d seen him first on any dating sites!)
      Shhhh…don’t tell anyone…I’d never wanna hurt his feelings;)

      • The ‘stache isn’t that bad. Preferrable? Not really. But it could be worse…did you happen to see my post about Fashion’s Night Out and the guy I was able to snap pics of at Missoni??? NOW that was a porn star ‘stache and he had greasy slicked back hair. EWWW

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