About Kay and Pau!

Kay: Having very recently moved to Sin City Baby, I find myself in my late-ish 30’s, divorced with two awesome daughters, jobless ( hopefully not for long though!), still a tad heartbroken from the love of my life,  and knowing not a single soul in town aside from my children, the ex-husband, and a meager few of his oldest and dearest friends…a delightful group of peeps to say the least! However, not the most ideal group to hang with in respect to any kind of desire to EVER DATE AGAIN! So, I’ve freshened up my online “profile” (which was slightly moldy from a previous lack of use) with a daring and racy new zip code and a brief note about being the “new girl in town”. I’ve officially decided to give this online-dating thing a real shot! I’m bravely and boldly holding that hammer and hoping I can nail some Jell-O to the wall (i.e.: find a nice, attractive, intelligent, and funny guy who is datable!)  So, here I’m gonna rant…Im gonna rave…I’m gonna write of it all…  if anything just to keep the momentum to actually do this going in a forward direction!


Pau: Late 30something with two boys, who has mother living with her. Top that with the late 30something males that don’t have jobs, don’t want jobs, settle for crap jobs, have 30 kids, 20 babies’ mama’s, live WITH their parents, and don’t have a car….mind you personality hasn’t EVEN entered the equation yet-theirs or mine, and I’d say you gotta real good recipe for either rediculous, all or nothing, love at first date or a bunch of nonsensical, gut-wrenching awkwardness to be had and then shared here!!!! I am scared as hell to set out on this crazy adventure, but it is just the kick in the ass I need.

14 responses to “About Kay and Pau!

  1. Ka says: Yes Pau…it IS just the kick in the ass you need, you sexy, SEXY Goddess, you!!!!

  2. Definitely going to follow this! Can’t wait to see what adventures you ladies end up with, maybe I will learn from your advice and apply it to my own sea of online dating!

  3. Hehe Goldie..that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read your blog too!!!

  4. KaPau! Support in numbers! I’d have to say you are at least doing the right thing creating a blog to document it! It saves your sanity. Really!

  5. M-A LiYu…Thanks girl! I’m realizing how right you are…if I didn’t have this blog to vent, get advice, and just laugh about these online dating escapades, I think I would have stopped the whole thing right around date number 2 w/ the Lingerer!!
    Thx for your support and your comment!!!

  6. The lingerer? What a horrible name to get tagged with. I always wondered what my blog date name would be. Hopefully it’s something like Funny beard or something.

    • Haha Ryan 🙂 No, the “Lingerer” is *not* so much a good label….but somehow I just get the feeling that you would never be “that guy” anyway…you might be “Man Card” or “His Manliness” or something macho-cool like that, but most likely never the “Lingerer” 😉

  7. keepingitrealembassy

    Thanks for the comment, I was reading over your blogs, they are hilarious!

  8. why are you not writing mamacita? I miss you on here!

    • Ahhhh…the stories I have to share…not too many on “dating” per se, however, life in general knocked me a few quick and sudden jabs in the gut, the jaw, in and about the shoulders, legs, and torso, etc, etc, ETC… I’m a bit bruised and battered (girl, we thought DATING was rough GEESH!), but I’m still around..YAY! and am “borrowing” wi-fi from a neighbor (woohooo for my bandit side!!). Add to this that I have a recent, outrageous and embarrassing (OMFG) “dating” experience to write about..if I can get the guts up to be totally honest about it……but I’m connected and dayumm I’m feelin’ prolific!! Can’t wait to catch up on your site too!!

  9. There once was a blog with Ka and Pau.

    Then, there was a blog with just Ka.

    Then, there was just a blog, with neither a Ka nor a Pau in sight.

    And now, for some strange reason, I find myself craving kung pao chicken….

    • awwww Dennis….you miss me…..you REALLY miss me!?!?! Funny, I’ve needed a laugh for a few months now and here you had one waiting for me right here all this time! I’ve not a large portion of kung pao chicken to offer up…but at least it *is* spicy….so that should prove somewhat satisfying, I hope! 😉

  10. Sorry they both finally fell in love with me, then we moved to Utah.

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