It’s an upset!

What's the fascination?

I don’t spend much time checking my stats on here.  It’s not that I don’t care, it’s more that I don’t want to get a complex about whether my post was any good or if anyone likes the way I write.  I have to write, so I can’t have all those doubts running amok in my head before, during, or after I post here.

However, I do find the search terms people used to stumble across my blog absolutely fascinating!  I often get a giggle or two looking those random and odd terms over. After all, in a sense, those are the terms which practically define my blog.  And clearly, they are what often bring people to some place in my world to love, hate, or ignore my words.

And there have been some bizarre search terms used to get here!!

For example, “head up ass I suck” has been used five times to find my blog.  A few other interesting terms are:

“friends having fun at sluttyred”

“first kiss for dummies”

“shiny gold wrapping art”

“naked bicycle asses”

“kay has a stripper’s pole”

“cats and toasters”

“paul rudd belly”

“platypus open mouth”

As well as the not surprising one’s like, “hot guy”, “naked girl”, “toaster”, and “cat drowning in toilet”.  I expect people to search those things!

I just can’t understand though, about the number one (hands down!) search term for my blog.  I’m hoping someone can explain this enigma to me.   On any given day…out there in Internet land… at least 50 people per day search the letter “m”.  Seriously, I want to know why on earth “m”  is so search-worthy?  Why not “L” or “T”?

The first few times I noticed this, I passed it off as happenstance, but as time goes on, I realize that this is truly chronic!  So today I took a looksie at the cumulative stats for search terms here.  Since my blog began, 10, 067 people have searched the letter “m”!!  Seriously, 10, 067!!!   Hell, it’s probaby at 10, 100 already as I type; such is the popularity of the letter “M”.

This is second to “toaster” with 2,542 searches, which is followed by number three with “hot guy” gaining only a surprisingly meager score of 1,884!

Even if I ignore the outrageous indication that “toasters” are far often more searched than hot guy or naked girl (yeah, exactly…..WHAT?!), with the huge lead “m” has, I am beyond baffled!  WTF?!

So, forget about all the advice to get traffic to your blog and try this, write a post about an “M” word, add “M” to your tags and I can guarantee between 500-700 hits on your site per week….just for the letter “M”.

Crazy, huh?!

9 responses to “It’s an upset!

  1. Hey, if you’re interested in figuring out what are some good keywords to use on your blog to attract search traffic, look up Google’s Keyword Tool.

  2. Thanks Dennis!! I’ll check that out. I’m just so surprised that “M” is such a popular search! What could that even be about? As of now, 96 people have found my blog today, alone, by searching the letter “M”….I just think that’s too funny!

    • Well, according to the Keyword Tool, “m” gets 226,000,000 searches per month globally, but it’s also not a very competitive term, meaning that there aren’t too many sites specifically targeting searched for “m.”

      In contrast, for example, “dating site” gets only 2,240,000 monthly searches, but i’ts also highly competitive, meaning that there are a lot of sites out there specifically trying to pull in searches for that term. As a result, someone’s personal blog will likely never show up on search returns for “dating site.”

      Basically, the search engine game is to find a term that’s commonly searched, but also low in competition. That’s how you generate the most site traffic through searches.

      At the same time, you also have to consider that people searching for “m” aren’t really looking for the type of stuff you post on your blog, so it’s not really well aligned to generating new fans. For example, I get a ton of traffic for “exploding earth,” because I have an image of the earth exploding in one of my articles. Unfortunately, the people looking for that aren’t gonna be the people I want to attract to Musings. Ideally, I’d want to target a phrase like “life lessons” or something in that vein.

      In case you care about any of this…. 😉

      • Ohhhh ..are you kidding me Dennis?! Mah main guru o’ all things CAL: statistiCAL/mathematiCAL/philosophiCAL/aesthiCAL/CALculational/dynamiCAL….I very much care! I love delving into things which are so far off my forte’ that I can almost feel my brain expand just by wrapping my thoughts around the concept..especially when I get to delve into them with YOU..:-)

      • Aww, shucks. Glad you appreciated my 25 cents.

  3. Kay, I still get “wife material” “is gf wife material?” every single day. Sad people out there. And they are going to be made sadder when they click thru on my blog and read my nonsense.

    • Awwww…that makes me sad Amy! However, I like to think they come away from your blog just a wee bit wiser, perhaps? And don’t you DARE call me Polly Anna…I know, I know!!

  4. Question Dennis: How do I determine or figure the reason people search M so frequently? I can’t possibly know if these people are interested in what they find here, because I just can’t even think what they’re hoping to find by searching this….

    • Yeah, Google can’t tell you that. Google can only tell you what terms people search for, and with what frequency. It can’t tell you why they searched for those terms. Frankly, I’d be a little freaked out if it could. 😉

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