Confessions from my sleazy side

On this crazy, wild Vegas/Online dating journey of experience, I’ve hit a few little uncomfortable WTF-was-that-bumps, but I’ve not yet been rendered wordless.  Ughh! 

Writing for me is akin to breathing.  It allows me to process and understand my thoughts better.  Typically, if I go more than a few days without writing, I just can’t explain how very muddled and confused my overactive brain becomes!  Sometimes if I don’t write, I even start stuttering in my actual speech because my brain can’t decide on which word to use. 

the words just won't flow

Oh my…why,  that’s just gr, lov…de….won….umm….that’s nice!  

The ex (as in “THE” ex previously referred to here in my blog) used to laugh whenever I’d start to stutter in casual conversation, hand me a pen or steer me to the computer, and say, Kayyyyyy, you haven’t been writing, have you? …you need to go write!   Umm yeah, it’s pretty bad… 

So, when various circumstances all multiply together and overwhelm my ability to organize my thoughts enough to even write…OMG… Suffice to say, I’m as off-balance as a cat with no tail or whiskers and as confused as a nun in a sex toy shop! 

...just put a pen in her hand!

Thus, I feel the need to give props to Gabriel.  Gabe and I have been emailing on the Cupid since I signed up there.  He is amazing! He shares a love of literature and writing with me that has penetrated all the way through my temporary confusion.  Amidst writing far too lengthy emails to him about serial killers, life in Vegas, literature, movies, relationships, car accidents, and a passionately promiscuous love of writing(okay… alright….so my total sleazy side rears its ugly head at last!), I’ve been able to sort through my own overwhelmed state of mind and write again! (insert deep, meaningful sigh of relief right *here*…siiiiiiggggghhhhhhh….) Hooorayyy Gabe!! 

Gabe is now my muse of a heroic variety!  I so look forward to his emails for two reasons 1. He is exceptionally intelligent, interesting, AND oh-so-attractive (YAY!) and 2. Because this connection to him seems to have cleared my pathways and I started writing…Okay yeah, usually ad nauseum to him…poor guy!!  

A copy of my emails to Gabe

 But I mean really, I am compelled…. I go on …and on…and on….and on….I just suddenly have so much to say!   … Not that anyone reading this would ever know of my capacity to do that, but I sure can babble-the-mean-email, umm…practically as a virtual blog entry itself…  No, really.  I can…  It borders on the line of obnoxious! 

I’m not a religious person per se, but allow me to explain(I have no idea exactly where I found the following excerpt; I only know I’ve had it saved on my computer for a long time and I forgot to document exactly where I found it): 

Gabriel: the archangel of literature and writing

“The archangel Gabriel is the angel of creative writing.  With our permission, archangels give each individual what would best resonate and serve the individual.  Gabriel helps you to pick up the pen and start writing and helps to keep thoughts orderly while writing. He is the one, present, helping you to keep your ambition, and fueling the drive. He is the archangel of literature, past, present, and future.” 

Gabe is a precious gem with multiple fascinating layers!

So Gabe is not only a gem in and of himself, but he is also my archangel of all things writing (i.e. breathing, thought collecting, Rubik’s cube deciphering, etc, etc) and I’m beyond excited to meet him!!   Dare I say, Gabe is the muse of my sleaze…?!

8 responses to “Confessions from my sleazy side

  1. So happy you found Gabe and refound archangel Gabriel! I think for most of us pouring our souls out on these blogs, writing is a God sent to us. I didn’t know about Gabriel and his being the patron saint of writing (I’m not religious in the least bit). I think it’s awesome that you found that on your computer. Glad to have you back writing (blog, email, etc). I think I speak for everyone who reads your blog – welcome back and can’t wait for the next posts!

  2. You’re soooooo right! Writing is a Godsend Amy. I can’t imagine just how scattered and dingy I’d become if I couldn’t sort my thoughts and experiences out *some* where!! I shudder to think 😉 …I didn’t know about Gabriel this way either and I was surprised when I originally read this so I saved it…and under the circumstances and timing, Gabe seemed the perfect nickname for this terrific guy:)
    Thanks for your support and encouragement…it’s *so* inspiring to know people read and maybe get something out of it or at the least maybe just enjoy reading. It’s also fabulous to read others’ experiences and know all the random craziness isn’t just in MY life!!! xo♥

  3. Gabriel is also the protector of women…hmmmm….

    • Ahhh Esme..I need to call to him more often then..and not just for my writing challenges! I did not know this.. I’d better study up on Archangel Gabriel:)

  4. I’m glad you are writing again, I figured life, car stuff, had you pretty preoccupied for the time being. I know with work being sooo hectic right now, I can barely find the time, and it is… hectic! Plus fitting in lengthy emails to the artist formerly known as J, now known as OC, I haven’t had much time to write on some of the other things going on in my life. Which to tell the truth, isn’t much.

    I’m interested to hear more about Gabe, and all the juicy non-blog details ya wanna tell me! I hope you click as well in person as you have online!

  5. This post just made me think how fun it must be to meet you in online dating. You must send the best emails! I love your blog posts, but that’s a whole other level of conversation. I bet guys who get your responses are A: Surprised by your enthusiasm and skills and maybe B: A little intimidated, unless they match your abilities. Either way, I bet you are a blast!

  6. awwww Catherine..THANK YOU!!! That’s such a truly nice thing to say!! You made my day girl!! xoxo♥

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