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Bring on the tequila, Eddie!

New email (yes..copied and pasted because I just could not help maahhself…with only a name change):

Woman, I have seen and been in thousands of photo’s. I do not know if I have ever seen a more seamless transition from person to paper. You transcend , beauty, Vibrance , splashed with a bit of goofy effortlessly. Beautiful. You are a smile and laugh waiting to happen. So rare… I have to have a shot of cabo Wabo Tequila with you..

Smashing. Simply smashing.


“Eddie” (as in the EddieVan Halen looking-type) 

…….WHOAAAAA…..EDDIE!!  …that was so simple and yet so umm..hmmmm…..so yummy that if I read it aloud, I can almost taste the sweet and sassy on my tongue….   Yup, I was right.  It tastes a like a watermelon Jolly Rancher…. verrryyyy SASSY!

Rocker-like guys aren’t typically my “thing”….I confess, I’m absurdly attracted to nerds; intellectual types with lots of education who look like they were the president of the science club in high school.  I don’t know why this is…it just is.  I never was attracted to those long-wild-haired Bon Jovi-80’s rocker guys.  In fact, when my friends were going crazy about Motley Crue and Guns n Roses looking guys, I was crushing hard every minute on a guy in the Marines: buzz cut, wholesome, boy next door, etc…  I just never had the attraction to that bad-boy-rocker-type, even in its height of popularity…

But Eddie…well, WOW….I might have to have a tequila experience with this one…and I don’t drink tequila….but the ability  to write words like this literally begs me to give rockers and tequila at least one chance….maybe just one time….

Bring on the tequila, Eddie!