Mission Fail…Solo City

…Changing my name to Sunshine Freedom Flower.  No…not really….maybe Kay’s Solo Playground….nahhh….but I do have the sex and candy…just no, well no…I don’t have my….ummm..my um…(sniffle..sniffle)…partner in crime….(big gasping sob…boohoohoo…wahhhhh…)

Was doing some thinking about my blog mission last night and what ran through my mind again and again is “mission fail”.  No, not in the big, broad sense it hasn’t.  My dating endeavors are going just fine (at least as far as being somewhat interesting and staying busy in that department).  Ironically, it’s the partnership-blogging endeavor itself that just doesn’t seem to be taking off.  I feel like the lost and forgotten fanny-pack in the back of the closet or that pair of purple parachute pants hanging all alone at the Salvation Army…  I’m feeling like Cher, naked on the piano, without Sonny playing…Hutch cruising around sans Starsky…Barbie at the pool party with a coupla “Kens” hanging around maybe but nooooo Skipper …Laverne skipping down the street with her arm linked to..umm..to nothing…to no one because Shirley’s not there

I’m no stranger to the failed mission, so it isn’t as though I’m devastated or heartbroken.  Disappointed, yes…but I’m certainly no stranger to that either! I own Jerry Maguire’s jacket…he borrowed that from me, by the way… but that’s another “non-date” post altogether though 😉 

I look ridiculous in these!

My original intent was to kick-start my friend and I on our dating endeavors; push through the fears, hesitations, anxieties, etc… and also to stay in close touch with my dear friend from back home…  So I discussed my idea with Pau! who seemed very interested and we were so excited that we instantly created this blog.  Combining our names to create it and jumping right in with all the gusto I could muster.

..yet from the beginning…I’ve been running around in the parachute pants all alone in this…. and other than a few fabulous other bloggers out there I’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with here in blogworld…I have been attacking this “mission” alone..at least the blog-posting part..thank God not the dating part.. solo dates would kinda suck, no matter how freakin fabulous and fun I am 😉 )

Yup..it's me...

And every time I’m referred to as Ka!Pau!, I feel a little guilty because half of Ka!Pau! isn’t even here…and Pau! is her own beautiful, opinionated, intelligent lady, who just might not want to be taking blame/credit/curses for my random postings, off-the-hip comments, ridiculous thoughts, and embarrassing dating ordeals…  So, today I’ve faced these facts and have changed my “name” here to a singular expression of the Ka! half of our original Ka!Pau!   

However, I’m still hopeful and optimistic that the lovely Ms. Pau! might choose to visit and/or post on occasion…I miss her reflective thoughts and her hysterically funny witticisms! 

…but that’s okay too…I’m no stranger to missing things either….both “missing” them and “oops now that’s gone missing“…

16 responses to “Mission Fail…Solo City

  1. One Woman Wolf Pack

    • That’s me Ryan..the one woman duet(♫ ♫ Ahhhhhhhhh♫ ♫)..the pb&j minus the j(smooth and creamy!)…the solo love bird…(…tweet..)…the one-woman Act 4/ scene 3…(jazz hands….Kay SHOW!…jazz hands) 🙂 🙂

  2. Yeah, but now you’re gonna sound like a sneeze the start of a sneeze… without the satisfyingly refreshing, er, climax.

    Ka… ka… ka….

    Damn. It went away. *sniff sniff* :-p

    • Dennis..and those are the *most * ungratifying things AREN’T they? a…ah..ahh….ahhhh…..ahhhhhh……but no CHOO to be found ANY where…dagnabit! 😉

      • I know. TOTALLY reminds me of some women I know. They’re, like, all ah and never any choo….

        And I shall leave it to you to decipher that metaphor. 😉

  3. It’s okay, swimming solo isn’t as bad as it may seem. You’ve got a solid community here to reflect, help, and point out hilarious things for you!

  4. “Kay’s Solo Playground”…lol!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really enjoyed reading this.

  6. You’re so welcome Christina!! Thx 4 stopping by over here..keep your chin up, my friend, you’re fabulous…xo

  7. I’ll be your Sonny to your Cher, the Coo to your Ah, the Shirley to your Laverne! lol. well… over on my blog that is. I kinda wondered what happened to your other half over here, but she did come on and mention some personal problems right now she was dealing with.

    I guess my dating life or lack there of lately isn’t much to write about for a dating blog. Now that my new computer is up and running I am however going to do my best to write every day again. Even if I have to be prompted by plinky some days because my life just isn’t that interesting right now. Maybe I should write fiction, might be more interesting than my real life at least!

  8. I posted that even V…after I talked to her one evening and thought I’d explain that there’s only 1 person posting on this “2-chick blog”, but maybe the reality (I do hate reality sometimes!?) is that she just wasn’t as enthused as I’d thought… Kinda bums me out, but hey… I can’t have rainbows shooting from my hiney *ALL* the time, right? 😉
    Yay! for ur new comp and writing daily !! My dating adventures have slowed too..just noone I’m @ all interested in….n I’m fighting the urge to just start whining and ranting about various stuff…. {unicorn..rainbow..unicorn}…so I’d be DELIGHTED to have you be the eggs to my green ham over there!! I might have to grab a little Plinky here and there too though if I don’t step it back up on the dating business 🙂
    You’re my absolute FAVE, my friend…the mission fail was not really a “fail” because I got UR friendship from it…a lollipop…a pet goldfish…a Greek goddess…way beyond an electrician….and a few other priceless collectibles…WOOHOO ♥♥xo♥♥

    • Ahem. Just checking. I’m the lollipop, right?

      Wow. That came out just a little gay, I think….

      • You are..you are….my yum-yummy treat Dennis! So maybe it came out a little gay to *some* Dennis..but to me it’s NOTHING but manly-n-macho Tarzan stuff!
        ……OMG! WTF?!! Geesh..did you just pull my hair?? Aahhh..I LOVE when you do that! 😉

      • Good point. Leopard print loincloths may look gay to some. But to Jane, they’re all man. And that’s what counts at the end of the day.

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