Apparently I’m a (GASP!)…bigot!

The Big Yummy Apple

I wrote to Word-man first,  very shortly after I opened my profile.  He has a nerdy-attractive “look” in his pictures which is appealing to me. He mentioned word games on his page; I wrote him about my love for those kind of games, moving to his area, and thus, needing an adequate opponent.  We’ve been playing them online together ever since!  It’s terrific!  I’ve beat him 3 out of 4 games so far, but he does pose a terrific  challenge and it’s fun. 

After a few brief discussions via Internet games chat, he finally proposes we talk to explore if we’ve any other things in common.  I’m delighted!  I was just grateful to have a worthy and willing game opponent and after 4 games, I’d resigned to myself that he wasn’t interested in me in any kind of personal way.  This was a bummer being that I found him attractive and intellectually interesting as well, but again, I was enjoying our games.  Now, I was very much looking forward to talking with him!

This might be one of those shameful confessions here.  Not shameful like some of the incredibly fun and exciting sinful shenanigans I read from a few fabulous fellow bloggers here…no, nothing so juicy as that unfortunately. 

However, it seems I was being less than honest with myself when I wrote of my fairly limitless acceptance and minimal “dealbreakers”.  I apparently have another overly stringent one as well…  New York accents!

I don’t like this!!  New York fascinates me in concept!  I love its oh-so-ample theatre and plethora of cultures; its historical value is fascinating; positively adored hiking the Catskills and upstate in general; and I still think Seinfeld was one of the funniest shows ever! In fact, I’m certain I could go on and on ad nauseum about the many and wondrous redeeming qualities of New York in general and feel heartfelt appreciation for it all.  Hell, I could probably jump up this moment and give a painfully sincere, rendition of the Broadway song, New York, New York :

These vagabond shoooooooooooooooes…Are longing to strayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… Right through the verrrrry heart of it… New York, New York….!

…If I can MAAAAAAAKE it there, I’ll make it AAAANNNNY where… It’s up to YOU… Newww York, Neeewwwwwww Yorrrrrrrrrrk!!

I won’t deny how excruciatingly painful that would be, were I to actually do it, but the point is, I’ve had a mad love affair with the theatre since I was a very young child and have been singing that very song since I was approximately the age of 3. So, I can do it…and I assure you with more heart and feeling than you can imagine.

Additionally to all of this ridiculous nonsense, I immensely enjoy language and all that encompasses, including various accents.  So, why do I find the NY accent so aesthetically unappealing and obnoxious?  And not only that, but all the way to the point of being instantly turned off at hearing it?  This is so ridiculous to even address with myself, but after my talk with Word-Man, I can’t remain in denial of my excessive and innate (?) discrimination!  The guy has been in Vegas for 14 years, so it’s not even a very acute accent…but it’s there…

And I just can’t take it… neither my own bizarrely disproportionate  intolerance of it(its literally akin to nails down a chalkboard for me – and no that’s not an exaggeration)… nor the accent itself!  Perhaps what adds mass weight to my overbearing annoyance stems more from having to face some ridiculously limiting quirk of mine which I simply can’t explain?  I truly find it intolerable…  And my very intolerance of it is even more intolerable than that!

I don’t judge people on their race, their education, their family tree, their hair color, their interests or hobbies, their culture, their past – none of it!  I EVEN grew up speaking with an obnoxious southern-like accent mahh-self, which I wasn’t even aware of until I moved during high school and was teased and criticized mercilessly for it.  I consequently, and much  to my  Mam-maw’s “You sound like a Damn Yankee!” dismay, worked hard to overcome that manner of speaking and I still get mildly self-conscious when on very rare occasions, a word or two of mine slips out with a noticeable hill-billy twang.  How could anything as ridiculous as an accent bother me to this extreme degree?  This is unacceptable discrimination!

Yet there it was, undeniably blazing in all its glory during my phone conversation with Word-Man.  After only a few minutes when I had noticed it enough to ask about it, I wanted to just end the conversation!  I’m not kidding – I wanted to.  Ugh!  I struggled to turn down this mild accent enough to even hear much of what he was saying!  To make things worse, he talked a lot…and the more he talked, the louder his accent seemed and the harder I had to work just to hear his words. 

This is not only unacceptable and deeply embarrassing, it’s just plain wrong.

 Overall the conversation (what I could hear of it anyway) went fairly well and we’re planning on meeting Thursday or Friday in person.  Can I do it?

Immediate update:  I think I’ve figured this anomaly out!  My aversion to this accent was created by Twizzler Man years ago…ahhh Twizzler man….tsk..tsk..tsk…you traumatized me to this horrifying extent.  Shame on you! 

12 responses to “Apparently I’m a (GASP!)…bigot!

  1. I lived in New York for the past 24 years (prior to that I lived in CO, from ages 1-11). I also grew up in Westchester County, suburbia just north of the city where accents don’t exist. I don’t have a strong or even moderate NY accent, but it’s there with some words — BUT, I totally get how the accent in unappealing. I get turned-off when I hear someone with a strong accent. It doesn’t sound intelligent! Even if they are, when they open their mouths, it sounds very uneducated. You’re not a bigot. You just don’t have the taste for NY accents, and really, I don’t think many people to. It’s not a pretty or nice sounding one. Go easier on yourself! And try to enjoy the date – if you choose to go on it, which I hope you do 🙂

  2. LOL, I like a mild accent on a guy, and I prefer a NY accent to a southern one, go figure, look where I live… Funny part, like 1/2 of NY is moving here, it’s the hip new thing to sell your tiny house in NY and move to a mansion for 1/2 the price here in the south. I grew up in TX though for 23 years, and despite that, people always said (I have a lot of family in CT), that I have no accent and sound like I’m from Cali. But sadly 7 effin years in this state and I now sound southern to them. Jerks. I hate the southern accent. HATE it! I know very few people who can sound intelligent with a southern accent. I fight it every step of the way, but give me a few beers and BAM, there it is! I have to move, STAT! I think tomorrow, I’m looking for jobs on the west coast… land of NO accent!

  3. Oh, and BTW, I LOVE NYC! I’m a total city junkie though. Any big city and I’m in heaven, give me the biggest one in the country and I am almost high with euphoria. ok, ok, I’m not euphoric, I’m drunk in the park, but still, good times. 😉

  4. V,
    Southern accents sound sweet on a girl. It’s a different story on a guy. ha!

    Let me know if you come to NY, cause then we can grab a bottle or two of wine and really get drunk in the park – lol

  5. As someone who was born in Queens, raised on Long Island, went to college in Manhattan and now lives in Brooklyn, I, too, hate the New York accent. Each borough (and even Long Island) has it’s own accent and it’s just SO (distinctly) unattractive! And I don’t know how I managed this, but people are always surprised to hear that I come from New York because I have no accent. Seriously.

    But you say that his accent is faint, so maybe when you’re with him in person, you won’t notice it as much because you’ll be distracted by his good looks??? Fingers crossed for you!

  6. Gosh..thx ladies…you’ve all made me feel better for being such a picky snot…hehe!
    I’m hoping you’re right and I can get past more than 20 minutes of listening to it..maybe in person it won’t seem as “loud” as it did on the phone?! I hope:-)

  7. beyondthedepths

    We’re all so funny in things that we lock into. I think everyone has a favorite accent and maybe one or two that they don’t enjoy. I love any British accent but really don’t like the French.

    There was this French guy that was flirting with me a while back but his accent didn’t bother me because he was so charming and really a doll…he was also married so that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. The point is that when he turned the charm up his accent paled by comparison.

    I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes. The New Yorker accent would probably make me break out in giggles.


  8. IfUSeekAmy, I should be up there hopefully this fall… at least I’m going to try. Will stay with my sister in CT, but make day trips on the train to NYC. At least I hope I make it up there before the holidays. I am in desperate need to get out of this town for a while!

  9. Ms V: Vegas always has a place for you too..u know?!! Desperate to get away or not…:-)

  10. FD: You don’t like the French accent?!!?? That one doesn’t bother me at all, but I DO always think of this scene:

  11. Ugh… I LOVE the French Accent! All I can think of is THIS!

    I am now in a drooling coma for Oliver Martinez….. yummmmmmmm

  12. Ahhhh V…your thoughts are *so* much better than mine,,,:)

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