Solitude in the nude

I came across this the other day while cruising around reading various interesting blogs on here and I loved it! (Would really like to give credit to that blog, but I seem to have lost my way there:( …I’m by no means or definition an expert blogger yet)

It’s a wild make-some-memories Saturday night and instead, I’m enjoying being alone…  Whilst (and who in the HELL uses “whilst” anyway??) sporadically cruising the Internet, watching random bits of cheesy tv movies, and avoiding Jasper the Cat (whom I suspect is silently plotting my “accidental” and lethal fall down the stars before the night is over), I suddenly realized I’ve not checked my dating site mail in days!!! 

Perhaps my last incoming mail of “Yayyyy..another smoker!!”  really just turned me off for a minute?  Perhaps I’m wallowing about in the afterglow of having finally had an interesting and yummy date last night (A few adorable texting sessions today with M from his stops through to Paris probably have encouraged this as well.)?

Lovin' it!! (image via Free Spirit Art! Gallery-Artwork by Steve Hanks)

Whatever the case…  It’s Saturday night in Sin City and I’m just mc’lovin’ staying home, replenishing my diminished water intake, blogging nude, dipping in the pool nude, just running around nude, and enjoying my own fabulous company…DAMN, I’m a cool chick to hang out with…and the nudity thing?  Well, that’s just a bonus!!

6 responses to “Solitude in the nude

  1. I love the video! I’m stealing it for my blog, and facebook, and wherever else I wanna put it! ❤

  2. I love it too…it’s just beautiful and inspiring:):)
    FB??? *must* friend me….nothing like a good FB friend to have a few FB laughs with!!! ..I’m emailing you my info..xoxo

  3. beyondthedepths

    Great video, glad you had an awesome evening alone too!

  4. That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing it!!

  5. I’m *so* delighted that you enjoyed it as much as I! Wish I could remember where I first saw it…hell, I don’t even know how to hyperlink people or blogs yet..I’m so jealous when I read ur blogs and you all just casually do that like it’s soooo easy..hehe…I’m a technicologically-challenged blogger ya know?! :-)~

  6. This Video is amazing!

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