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Solitude in the nude

I came across this the other day while cruising around reading various interesting blogs on here and I loved it! (Would really like to give credit to that blog, but I seem to have lost my way there:( …I’m by no means or definition an expert blogger yet)

It’s a wild make-some-memories Saturday night and instead, I’m enjoying being alone…  Whilst (and who in the HELL uses “whilst” anyway??) sporadically cruising the Internet, watching random bits of cheesy tv movies, and avoiding Jasper the Cat (whom I suspect is silently plotting my “accidental” and lethal fall down the stars before the night is over), I suddenly realized I’ve not checked my dating site mail in days!!! 

Perhaps my last incoming mail of “Yayyyy..another smoker!!”  really just turned me off for a minute?  Perhaps I’m wallowing about in the afterglow of having finally had an interesting and yummy date last night (A few adorable texting sessions today with M from his stops through to Paris probably have encouraged this as well.)?

Lovin' it!! (image via Free Spirit Art! Gallery-Artwork by Steve Hanks)

Whatever the case…  It’s Saturday night in Sin City and I’m just mc’lovin’ staying home, replenishing my diminished water intake, blogging nude, dipping in the pool nude, just running around nude, and enjoying my own fabulous company…DAMN, I’m a cool chick to hang out with…and the nudity thing?  Well, that’s just a bonus!!

M…& M’s are fun!

M got a few bonus points!

I’m so glad I didn’t allow my over-active imagination and the over analytical social worker in me to cancel…

M was fantastic! 

Crazy to think that I had a zillion little possible red flags waving in my mind and yet the whole thing not only went off without a hitch, but I actually enjoyed him..  We had terrific conversations about everything from online dating experiences through Harley Davidson motorcycles all the way to kids and parenting.  It was great!

Once I was in my swimsuit and in his beautiful (way better than mine!) pool, I teased him mercilessly about the “more pics” thing.  he said, Wow..that really bothered you.  Umm yeah…hehe…honey, you’ve NO clue just how much…  No, I didn’t actually say that…gosh!!  And after much discussion, I really and truly feel confident that he was merely very interested in seeing me in a swimsuit and that was that.  It just wasn’t as creepy as I tried to make it and I suppose this highlights vividly the mass difference between the way a man thinks and the way a woman thinks.  I’m okay with it now that I know it was just a typical guy-thing.  I still don’t comprehend that as an initial response to a desire to see someone in a swimsuit, as I still would have taken the more direct approach, but it is what it is…  he is a man after all and I’m not trying to date women or even any man who’s too much like a woman, right?

So… great conversation, he’s an effective listener as well as a generous talker.  He was very relaxed and made me feel totally at ease almost immediately (NOT an easy task with my level of anxiety at going to a strange man’s house in a strange city!)  We had a few drinks, chatted, and then went swimming.  We raced across the length of the pool a few times…he beat me twice by a nose…ughh.  And after minimal coaxing, I even contrived to get him to “kangaroo” race me too…a very ridiculous little game my daughters and I play in our pool-what a great sport!  He was very laid back, not at all pretentious (thank GAWD!), seems to be a good balance in age (i.e.:  old enough for me to take seriously, but young enough not to feel like my dad!), demonstrated interest with zero sense of desperation, and was a fabulous kisser!  Yayyy M!!  Yeah, we made out in the pool…..and in the hot tub…..and in the kitchen….and for a minute on the sofa…..and…..umm….FUN…!!

Seriously pal...don't do it...

He leaves for Paris today on business and I’m jeal-el-el-ous!  Before I left, I asked him to bring me something creatively cool back from Paris…not one of those cheesy Eiffel tower key chains or anything…hehe:-)  It will be interesting to see if he does this and what it will be…

Yeah, I liked him.