Should I perhaps….?

Hmmm…in fact, after contemplating this further, I’m tempted to just go ahead and change my single’s online profile to say simply:

3 yr old bikini pic...w/ex bf cropped out

Me as a referee

How I look holding a Corona in Mexico

My ass - circa 2010 (and what you'll be kissing if ur a jerk)

just in case ur @ all interested n seeing how i look n clothes circa 2010

How I look when the straw from my drink has mysteriously attached itself to my left boob-circa 2010

What I look like next to Audrey Hepburn, dressed as Alice


Very real, not virtual. Always late..ALWAYS(except when I’m not)…randomly forgets how  to walk well…but really does know how to walk almost all of the time

**No longer combines the meds with alcohol…**

As you will see here, I have posted various *recent* pics of myself in a plethora of  flattering and unflattering poses/situations/manners of dress…please take note of this and commit them to memory because I will NOT, under any circumstances, grace your “phone” with self portraits, not in the bathroom, not in a swimsuit..not in a box..not with a fox…not in my house (nor yours)…not with a mouse…and certainly not if you’re a louse….

…and I don’t want to see yours either…until I want to see…ummm…yours…and then we’ll share and explore that reality all on our own, however we see fit…”

Wonder if anyone would respond to this type of brazen disclaimer and photo gallery?

Nahhh..they’d need to see more pics…geesh…cell cam pics:-)~

9 responses to “Should I perhaps….?

  1. hahahah! you totally would get soooo many dates with those pics! I think it’s pretty effin funny. But I have a warped sense of humor.

  2. LMAO girl…as do I:):)
    Yup, I’m sure I’d get lots of dates….all asking for a cell phone pic….:-):-)

  3. hey, if you ever make it to NC, I have just the guy to send you some cell phone pics! not the ass dildo one, that was an IM. But I know a 26 yr. old who loves to send them… you know what kind! uh huh… oh ya girl!

  4. OMG…..I just threw up a little in my mouth remembering your “dildo” pic…OOOOMMMGGGG……I’m clearly just too old-fashioned for this whole experience…
    Just wanted to see a new city, have some laughs, maybe a few drinks…and then leave the rest open for…ummm….come what may….:) Gosh:-)~

  5. [backhanded compliment]

    Alright, fine.

    I guess you’re allowed to be as late and as rude as you want. 😉

    [/backhanded compliment]

  6. Awww Dennis…I accept your backhanded compliment (gracefully and gratefully!!) and I return the ball with a nice, “Wanna text me for a pic next?” 🙂

  7. @KP: Why should I? Look at that schmorgasbord of KaPau! that you just posted.

    Or wait… are you saying there’s more? :-p

  8. Well Dennis, there IS this one “dessert” photo in all my glory floating around out there, taken while I was vacationing in Mexico (WHAT? We all have one of those, right?)…but even IT wasn’t taken with a cell phone either and thus, can not (will not) ever be transmitted via cellular technology…but lemme tell you, should I ever decide to add that to my phone’s gallery of pics…it will go first and foremost (and prob solely) to you and/or the lovely Ms. V, merely bc you two are quite possibly my only online friends whom have never once asked me for a pic from my cell phone and my appreciation of this would be rewarded handsomely;-)

  9. Hahaha! Well, then, my devious little plan to weasel cell phone pics out of you has worked to perfection.

    I’m good like that. 😉

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