M is for more, more, MORE pictures please

So after my brief, but lovely, meeting with M, I did text a “thank you for meeting me…had fun”.  To which M responds with you’re welcome.  Definitely must get together again. Be good.

Be good?  What exactly does that even mean?  My first thought is I said something rather incriminating of my naughty side even during our brief (drug and alcohol free too!  Go ME!!) meeting…?

Nope… nothing that I can recall.  My second thought was that he was keenly aware of our age difference (more so than I?) and is treating me in more of a “fatherly” manner…

So yesterday, I text “how was your weekend?” And he responds with:  It was good how about urs?  Want to send me a current swimsuit pic or is that wrong?

Okay…..now, WHAT is this?  I’m trying to figure this out…  Does he question how I look in a swimsuit?  Does he not at all question that and merely just wants to see me in one?

All sorts of things start flying through my brain at this one!  I realize he’s just a guy and probably most guys are interested in seeing a swimsuit picture, right?  No harm- no foul in that really…..just typical guys-are-visual stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms whatsoever about how I look in a bikini.  I just can’t understand asking for this picture??!!!!  If I really want to see someone in their swimsuit, my first thought wouldn’t be “send me a pic”….it would be, “Hey, wanna go swimming?”  It’s just that simple.  I wanna get a good idea of what your body looks like naked or whatever – I’m going to try to put us in a situation where I can see that for myself.  It would never even occur to me to ask for a photo of such!  Gosh, I’m really out of the online dating loop…huh?  I’m still sadly stuck in the actuality of things, not the pictures of them.  In spite of the wonders of modern technology, I still just find them far more interesting and real for some strange reason? I’ve already accepted that texting is now preferrable to an actual conversation..and I’m not totally not-on-board with that myself…so I’m just not sure what my problem is with this…

Has the ease of technology made pictures worth more than an actual real-life viewing?

Well, I contemplate all of these things prior to responding.  I’ve no desire to “tsk-tsk” him into feeling badly for asking.  I’m realizing that I’m just a prude who hates self-portraits-with-cell-phone-cams, a bitch who just refuses to jump on the cool-technology-bandwagon and hurl images of me throughout technology land to any one interested in seeing…  This is clearly my issue…not his…I’m getting that.  Given this understanding, I feel the need to word my response carefully, in a manner that explains “me” a little and my total confounded-curiosity of this cell phone picture phenomena, yet doesn’t make him feel badly for asking for a (basically) totally appropriate image of my body.  Finally, I respond with:

Its not wrong really, no…ru kinda worried about what I look like in a swimsuit? Or just wanna see me in one? Neither is wrong…but either way, the best way to find out is to invite me swimming…that’s as current as u could get;-P  (And then):  I’m just uncomfortable taking pics of myself with my cell phone..dunno why…I just am…

Without getting into the boring verbatim-text here, suffice to say, he totally understands and acknowledges that self pics “aren’t fun”. And eventually gets to asking me when I’m free to swim…

So this all turns out just fine…but I’m still confounded about the overwhelming desire for MORE cell phone pics which is running rampant across society today..  and I just have so many questions!!!

One burning question in my mind (and I know this might be just totally silly) is the contradiction between the fatherly-like “voice” in the Be Good text versus the request for a swimsuit pic.  Ummmm yeah, I’m WAY over-analyzing here.  Yup.

And the other question afire in my mind is still why the first thought in regards to quenching the curiosity of men here is to request a pic of something… NOT to first make an attempt to see it for themselves…?

Do these answers even really matter?  I’m beginning to think not…but I’m a questioning, curious chick diving into a totally new game and forum here….  And there are going to be questions…lots of them…

6 responses to “M is for more, more, MORE pictures please

  1. Ugh… At least Brown had a pool and asked me over and THEN tried to TAKE his own pics with his cell phone to send his friends! I swear, men are so weird with the pictures. lol

  2. Funny V…I think i’d rather get a request for a swimsuit pic than have him try to take pics of me IN one…to share with friends…WTF???? Why not just have a “meet my date in her swimsuit” swim party…isn’t that much faster…not to mention far more tasteful and classy…?

    Nothing is sacred anymore…

    In fact, if I agree to go to M’s pool and he attempts that, ummm….DEAL BREAKER…personally, I’d find that offensive beyond redemption…of course, odds are good that with my standards versus today’s, I’ll be single forever…and there’s the naked(sans swimsuit even!) proof:-)~
    …perhaps men + technology + me is just not going to add up to much?

  3. That was the time I was over there and he was too drunk to order pizza, so he threw his credit card at me and gave me the number and I called on my phone and ordered for us. While I was ordering he was taking pics of my ass… I’m kinda built like a Kardashian… and men are so fascinated by it. I yelled at him and took his phone away and put a towel on, but I am pretty sure the pics were blurry and you couldn’t tell a thing.

    But he always wanted to take pics of me, on our second date he kept trying to take pics of me across the table. I’m not sure what that was about. I hope he deleted them all now, and my number. I have a feeling when he gets his mail tomorrow I’ll hear from him again…. sigh… I hope not

  4. For ur sake girl, I hope not too….he doesn’t sound worth it at all!
    PS…I’m so green over here re: ur Kardashian traits….HAWWWTT….no wonder he wanted to show u off..but gosh..show some class (and a little respect too maybe?) along w/ that too pal, please?!?

  5. Well unfortunately for me, I don’t have the long black perfect hair and dark skin, I’m a white girl. Blonde hair, tan, but not naturally, just have a butt you could sit a beer on. Men just love the ass don’t they… ugh. But seeing you in a bikini girl… you put me to shame! I wish I was so tall and thin!

  6. You are too kind V..thank you!! My daughter has informed me recently that by today’s standards, I “have no ass”..not enough to set a pixie stick on it, much less a beer!!!! Maybe I could add that…tall, thin, and NO ASS…? (meant literally as in “tiny butt” and figuratively as in “you’ll get none” by asking me repeatedly for cell pics…..hehe:-)

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