Atempted violation of my no-no square

Guess I’m not yet accustomed to getting home so early from dates…  bummed out at the date-debacle I was earlier, I went last night again to my cute little neighborhood hang out place.  I like it there!  I was lucky enough (again) to make the acquaintance of a couple of very nice girls.  Of course, I do not go to a bar or club to meet men …  Back home, I would go with groups of friends to dance, be silly, laugh, and have my girlfriend time.  However, I have no “friends” here yet to go hang out with for this type of casual, no pressure socializing fun…so this is my second time going alone after a bad online date.

It feels very awkward to me to do this, but I’ve been lucky enough on both visits to have met some nice girls…and hopefully will make some friends with this brave, courageous solo-into-a-bar thing.

Last night was nearly a disaster though!   My two new friends and I were talking to these guys…seemed like very nice guys…   I stayed for one (slowly sipped) drink, some fun conversation with the two really nice girls I met, and tried to quietly sneak out to go home.

Well one of the guys with whom we had been talking (I hadn’t talked much to him really, though) asked if he could walk me to my car.  I appreciated this;  as this is a totally new environment/city/culture here for me from what I’m used to.  I thanked him and we walked…

BAD IDEA…  This guy gets to my car and starts pawing ALL over me, totally inappropriately, unwarranted, and completely UNinvited and not encouraged by any definition of encouragement or even mild flirting!

definitely need one of these!

Oh my GOSH…guy would NOT let up OR let me in my car.  To the extent that a few different moments throughout this ordeal, I was genuinely frightened and desperately looking around, hoping someone, anyone, would happen by…

Just as it was getting to the point that I was contemplating actually calling out for help, a car pulled in about two cars down from mine.  I said, let me in my car or I will call out to those people and he backed off enough to let me in my car, but not without practically getting in on top of me!!!!!  I was almost begging the guy just to take my number …thinking I could always change my number the next day or use it as a tool to avoid him with in the future.  i.e.: So, where are you going tonight?  Cool.  That’s where I’m NOT going to be.  I would have said or done most anything to get this scary freak away from me!

OH MY GAWD….scary!!  I need some mace if I’m going to have to continue on with this solo-out-n-about bravery!!

4 responses to “Atempted violation of my no-no square

  1. You need a rape whistle woman! Mace and a tazer! Something! A personal body guard maybe? Maybe next time you are going to leave, ask the bartender if someone that works there can walk you to your car? That is very scary! Glad you are ok.

  2. I hate “no-no squares.” “Yes-yes triangles” are much more fun.

    Seriously, though, glad you’re okay.

  3. Thank you both so much….It’s really nice to come to my blog and not feel so terribly alone in the world like I have since I moved…and to remind myself that somewhere out there ppl do care! (please forgive the little pity party…havin’ a moment here)

    Vendetta, I’m definitely looking into getting (ALL of) those things after this scary as hell event last night!

    Dennis…lmao @ the “yes-yes triangles”…Gosh, LOOK we agree on something!!!!(hehe) I actually prefer those too…..with a partner of my liking and choosing 😛

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