Mr. Hot PhD…or a good book and a warm bath?

Received a fabulous invite for tonight from Mr. PhD in psychology (ooooohh fascinating!) to meet him at a concert over at a nearby casino by my house.  He’s going with a few friends and invited me yesterday.  It sounded so terrific when he invited me!  I was actually even a little excited to meet him and to go to the concert!

I LOVE the Sexy Intellectual guy.....or do I?

…so now that my daughters have gone with Jack Ass (OMG…sorry….that was rude) their inconsiderate, selfish, boorish, arrogant, douche bag of a father for the evening… (oops…really sorry…geesh…I gotta get it out SOME where!!)…..WHY am I sitting here with a glass of Cab, writing in our blog?

I mean, wasn’t the whole point of this blog to get my sorry ass back into the dating world?  …to force myself to have to get involved in dating and make some kind of effort, even if only just to have something to write about??!! Yes, it was.

So, right at this very moment, I should be tearing through my closet, desperately trying to find the perfect outdoor concert outfit, which is also appropriate “first date” wear as well.  Cute, but not childish or teen-agey, sexy, but not slutty, casual, but not sloppy…something that with lots of effort, appears effortlessly thrown together as if I’ve not a care in the world that I’m having a first date, first face-to-face meeting ever with Mr. Handsome PhD guy…

Right now I’m feeling the dating-intrigue- fatigue similar to  one of my favorite movie quotes: 


Dorothy, give me strength...

“I’ve had three lovers in the past four years, and they all ran a distant second to a good book and a warm bath”.

(Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire)

So…….Why am I not?  After Mr Pushy (text only), Mr. Lingerer (2 dates(one date too many and 5 gazillion texts), Mr. Sorry but You Could Be My Father (One lovely date and several requests for another thus far), and Mr Favorite (I-hope-like-hell-you’re-not-a-total-freak/text only) have I already lost my appetite for this kind of slow destruction?  Have I seriously already exhausted myself of this excitement-to-futility-in-one-date intrigue?  Already??!!!!  OMG….if so, then I not only just plain SUCK, but I am a disgrace to the Ka!Pau! race(errr…blog) as well!!

This is an ideal first-date activity invite, from a guy who looks handsome in his pictures, is appropriately aged in my age group; who is intelligent and well educated, capable of interesting conversation, and shares a similar taste as I in music.   WTF is my problem??  Like I’ve anything on earth better to do tonight!


I wish you were here to kick my ass into gear…to sit here while I tear through my closet and we laugh till we cry about the million terrible,(but hysterically funny to us),  things that might happen or be said…

…to look at the goody two shoes outfit I’ll pick out, giggle right in my face, and then force me into something just a teensy bit sexier…

…and then shove me out the door and say, Have fun….I won’t wait up!

…I KNOW!  I need Red Bull….  Red Bull gives you wings, right?    Yaayyyy…off for a few Red Bulls…

10 responses to “Mr. Hot PhD…or a good book and a warm bath?

  1. Just curious… for a first meeting/first date, are you okay with meeting a guy when he’s out with his friend(s)? Personally, I think that’s a horrible idea. If you ask me, the first date should ALWAYS be a one-on-one affair, so that you can actually talk to the person (an issue you obviously had, as indicated by your next post). 🙂

    Also, from this guy’s perspective, if I ever get invited to meet up with a girl and her friend(s), the friend zone red flag immediately shoots up, and I pretty much rule out any possibility that it might actually be a date….

  2. I can totally see your POV here Dennis. I don’t feel this way though, personally. I typically prefer to meet up with friends when I’m going on a date. It shows my cowardly side, yes…but for safety reasons when meeting strangers, I like knowing someone else is with me. Also, there’s the “what if we have nothing to say to each other?” question…bringing more ppl into the mix alleviates this for me. Although I confess it might be more of a cop-out bc I rarely can’t find something to talk about…so of course if this is an issue, it’s *his* lack of conversational ability and there won’t be a second date.
    IMO, I see the tagalong friend as a safe buffer between two people who don’t know each other at all meeting up. You can still talk directly to each oter as much or as little as you choose and it’s just far less awkward in general (for me, at least). and then of course if it goes well, there will be the more “intimate” 2nd date anyway and it’s definitely not appropriate to bring a friend to date #2..for me, that would be my classifying them into the “friend zone” for sure…as in “let’s hang out like buddies”.

  3. Interestingly, in *this* partiucular case, he already had these plans with his friends and I took it that he was inviting me along because he was anxious to meet me and didn’t want to cancel on his friends, but still wanted to get the meet-n-greet thing done.
    Also, I did feel that because he was already going to this with friends, my tardiness was somewhat given my issues with that, it relieved some of my pressure to be right on time…something I struggle terribly with. However, Mr. Favorite told me last night that he doesn’t see it that way at all. That’s it’s still every bit as rude to not be punctual even in these casual meet-up circumstances… I do agree, though, that two hours late is always unacceptable….oops:-)~~

  4. Safety nets? Who needs safety nets??? :-p

    Fair enough. I guess I’m just the opposite. If the one-on-one first date goes well, then I’m more inclined to invite her to a group outing on subsequent dates.

    I figure it’s be easier on her, anyway. Rather than submit her to the simultaneous scrutiny of both me and my friends on the very first date, she only has to put up with *me*. 😉

  5. Well, I’m admitting my own biases here, but punctuality is a pet peeve of mine.

    So, unless she had a really good excuse or is SUPER-HOT (because, let’s face it, if you’re attractive enough on the outside, people are always more willing to overlook your faults), 😉 showing up two hours late could potentially be a dealbreaker for me.

    Did you at least text him to let him know that you’d be late? If the girl at least has the courtesy to do that, then I’m usually willing to let it go.

  6. Point well taken… you are very compassionate:-P
    I *am* just the opposite… I might bring a dear and trusted friend along at first, but the “meet my friends” thing is different for me and doesn’t come until well into the dating experience… In fact, I rarely do the meet my friends thing at all unless I’ve decided I actually want to date the guy on a somewhat regular basis. Guy has to pass a lot of “tests” before I’ll throw him into the lion’s den for my friends’ “are you good enough for her” scrutinies?

  7. Yes…I did text him to tell him I was not going to make it at the agreed time…I’m not a totally rude and inconsiderate being…in spite of how utterly smokin’ hot I am….hehe:-P

  8. Well, if you’re that smokin’ hot, then texting him would’ve totally been unnecessary. In fact, he should’ve been ecstatic that you showed up a mere two hours late. 😉

  9. Ka! I wish I was there as well. Boy, I have some serious work to do. You are “in it to win it”! I am sorry I have been the dating slacker. We need to chat!!!! You have some ‘splainin to do and I have some listening that is long over do at this point. Hope you are great and we really need to catch up. I will call you no later than wednesday.

    Love ya,

  10. Pau!! At last….THERE u are!!! Was starting to feel like I’m touring the online dating zoo all alone…whew!!! I could only be happier if you’d shown up on my doorstep with a case of white merlot and a HUGE bag of cheeto’s..hehe:)
    Girrrllll…this stuff is crazyyy!
    I MISS YOU…xoxo…can’t wait to catch up!

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