Any thoughts on this one? Anyone?

Just arrived today  (names changed for privacy and respect purposes, of course) from an early 50’s, attractive man with a “graduate degree” and many pictures of dogs included on his profile page:

Not his actual picture of course...but you get the idea:)

 Hi…..Pardon the interruption but I was wondering if you might be interested in volunteering for a very worthy cause(**). Initially it involves a very small amount of time. It is for animals, dogs. I’m quite serious about this and not using it as a way to meet unsuspecting women.

It will take some time but I’m looking to sign up 100 women called Goddesses who in turn will sign up 20 “Angels” which will donate $5.00 each. This will happen simultaneously with the proceeds going to build a nice little shelter called (Canine FARM) which will be an amazing upgrade for these beautiful little guys. I have 22 of them now. Need better conditions.

That will just be the beginning but will make all the difference in the world.

Thank you for any consideration. Would like the opportunity to write you back and tell you the details and why I’m choosing this organized approach.

The fact that you are beautiful is one of the reasons I’m writing to you. I want each Goddess to be just that, and also a potential spokesperson for a cause that is fantastic.

Thanks for your time.

(Mr. Dog Lover)

** I did list on my page that I like to volunteer to worthy causes**

Any thoughts?

3 responses to “Any thoughts on this one? Anyone?

  1. Ka- here’s my take…he probably does really adore dogs and is hoping to donate on some level to their cause, but I think he is way more into trying to use the ol’ “awwwwww a man that really loves animals and is so dedicated to them” approach….blah, blah, blah, that we women do. Otherwise, why not have his own blog, twitter, facebook-makes way mor esense than trying to pick up Goddesses on a dating site.


  2. Hey, nice blog. Online daters unite!

    As an… ahem, “seasoned” online dater on the guy’s side, I’d guess that this is just a gimmick to set himself apart from the rest of the yehoos out there.

    I mean, come on, is this really the most effective way to solicit donations?

    But hey, whatever works, right? Whether or not you actually respond, he obviously got your attention. And online, that’s the most important first step.

    Score one for the dude. 😉

  3. Ka! says: Pau! and Dennis: Thank you! I was feeling that this was probably the case, but due to my dedication to worthy causes, I really needed some reassurance that I wasn’t being just a suspicious and selfish chick to see it as most likely a ploy to set himself ahead of the others and get involved with me, in some capacity, whether or not I am actually interested in him…
    Thank you both!! I suppose at least this can give other guys one idea of “getting in”….hehe:-)~

    **Dennis..YES…unite we must:) Thanks so much for reading and giving your thoughts!!

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